Hendricks card

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From Instagram…

I realised yesterday that it’s a year since I made the Hendricks bottle – my very first food – well, drink – picture … this mightn’t seem like a big milestone, but to me it’s a significant one. It marked a change of focus in my work, a tentative step to do my own thing and start making what really interested me. I had a bit of a wobble recently, when I tried (and failed!) to join an embroidery art group … and was made to feel that my work wasn’t good enough. I tell you this not for sympathy (luckily for me I have the most amazing team of cheerleaders, who help me to brush experiences like this away – thanks everyone ?) but because my takeaway from the experience was an important one; do what you do and keep on doing it – people who criticise, judge, or try to change your path really aren’t your people

I also realised that I hadn’t listed these cards on my website – they’re now in the prints section

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