If in doubt

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From Instagram…

Photo taken at: Stroud, Gloucestershire

If in doubt … ☕️ I shared some videos of me making an order yesterday over on stories and had a lot of comments and questions about how I work, so I thought It was worth a mention here too! This is how each piece of my artwork is made, using a technique called freehand machine embroidery. The mechanism to pull fabric through the sewing machine has been turned off, so the drawings and writing are made by me guiding the fabric around on the machine – a bit like drawing, albeit by moving the paper instead of the pencil. I go really slowly (I like to call it mindfully!) I don’t use a sewing machine foot (which I’m only mentioning because it’s the question people ask the most.. someone will probably ask today!) and my only trick is that I practice every day, which isn’t really a trick at all!

Happy Thursday everyone xxx

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