You can’t pour from an empty cup

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Photo taken at: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Your Monday morning reminder to look after yourself. ☕️

You might not be able to pour from an empty cup, but I have to say that it isn’t all that easy to pour from a full cup either. You just can’t pour from a cup. I can’t anyway without making a mess. So If I were you I would pour from a jug, bottle or teapot, and leave whatever is in your cup in your cup just for you. ☕️

I say this partly in jest, but partly not, because actually it just isn’t obligatory to spread yourself out that much – if you feel like you’re going to spill things, then a perfectly valid way of looking after yourself is to politely not share. keep your cup topped up and direct people back to the the jug/bottle/teapot to pour for themselves. They won’t mind nearly as much as you imagine. ☕️

Have a mull over that with your (full) cup of tea and biscuit! ☕️

Happy Monday everyone – there’s a link in my bio for this picture xx

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