Another magic Monday

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From Instagram…

Another magic Monday pennant flag. Photo taken at: Stroud, Gloucestershire

A new day, a new week. That’s 168 hours (which doesn’t actually sound like that many to me!) or 10080 minutes of exciting possibilities – magic✨

I hope this little blue flag is the blue-est thing about your day today.

I don’t much care for the whole notion of blue Monday – bad days are not determined by a formula or the date or the weather. Actually it’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful clear day and I hope that’s making you feel really cheery!

If that’s not where you are at the moment though; if you don’t feel excitement, don’t see all those possibilities, if you’re finding things hard – I’m sending lots of love and a massive hug in your direction. And please know that I’m very gently cheering you on with my little flag xxx

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