Bonne sante, stay well

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Sending you all a jar of bonne santé this sunny Sunday. Put it on your toast, serve it with a scone – I hope it’ll bring you a new week of good health. You don’t need me to tell you all the things you need to do to stay well by now, so just make sure you keep doing them xx… Read More

If in doubt

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If in doubt … ☕️ I shared some videos of me making an order yesterday over on stories and had a lot of comments and questions about how I work, so I thought It was worth a mention here too! This is how each piece of my artwork is made, using a technique called freehand machine embroidery. The mechanism to pull fabric through the sewing machine has been turned off, so the drawings and writing are made by me guiding the fabric around on the machine – a bit like drawing, albeit by moving the paper instead of the pencil. I go really slowly (I like to call it mindfully!) I don’t use a sewing machine foot (which I’m only mentioning because it’s the question people ask the most.. someone will probably ask today!) and my only trick is that I practice every day, which isn’t really a trick at all!

Happy Thursday everyone xxx… Read More


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I am 1000% a details person. Whether that’s in trying to sew things as small ( but neat) as my eyesight will allow, in my eternal quest for the smoothest, most unwrinkled backing fabric that your eye ever did see (which is no mean feat with heavily worked embroidery, but let me tell you wrinkled fabric is my visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard) or in adding little unexpected touches – In short, I am ever the Amélie Poulain; looking for things that no one else catches.… Read More

Totally tearrific

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You might remember back in the summer last year I was asked to make a picture of a crisp packet as a wedding gift. Which got we wondering what else I could tweak to fit such an occasion and become a bit more personal.… Read More

Another magic Monday

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A new day, a new week. That’s 168 hours (which doesn’t actually sound like that many to me!) or 10080 minutes of exciting possibilities – magic✨

I hope this little blue flag is the blue-est thing about your day today.

I don’t much care for the whole notion of blue Monday – bad days are not determined by a formula or the date or the weather. Actually it’s looking like it’s going to be a beautiful clear day and I hope that’s making you feel really cheery!

If that’s not where you are at the moment though; if you don’t feel excitement, don’t see all those possibilities, if you’re finding things hard – I’m sending lots of love and a massive hug in your direction. And please know that I’m very gently cheering you on with my little flag xxx… Read More


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Although there are lots of theories about how they manage it, the way pigeons are able to navigate is a bit of a mystery.

Of course it’s quite unlikely that pigeons themselves dedicate too much time wondering whether they’re able to find their way home due to the earths’ magnetic field, the suns’ arc, or due to infra-sounds. They trust their instincts, keep going* and end up where they’re meant to be. Which seems like a pretty good philosophy to me.
I have to admit, I hadn’t anticipated I would be able to put a motivational spin on pigeons, I just really wanted to show you this one I made before Christmas!

Happy Friday ? xx *As an aside, I read that one breed of pigeon called the Birmingham roller is known for doing backwards somersaults while flying. Scientists can’t explain that either, and have come to the conclusion that they probably do it for the simple reason that it’s fun… I told you, they’ve got it sussed!… Read More

Everything is figureoutable

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Keep going! Everything is figureoutable. You’ve done hard things before and you can do them again ?

Some Marie Forleo shaped motivation for your Monday (if you don’t know who/what I’m talking about or haven’t read the book, then her talk on the Oprah Super soul sessions is a good place to start) Wishing you a strong, kind and relentlessly optimistic start to the week … I know it’s Monday and it’s January, but dig deep, it’s there – I promise!… Read More

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