Embrace your mistakes

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From Instagram…

Is failure evidence that you will never be talented … or a sign of how much you have grown?

We tend to focus on celebrating our successes and hide away the failed attempts that have brought us there, so it’s pretty easy for the critic within to assume that nobody else makes mistakes.

At school we take tests and from an early age we start to become entrenched in this absolute mindset; right/wrong, success/fail. Really though, we need to cast our minds back a little further. Human babies arrive to the world pretty unskilled compared to most animals. Some animals clamber up and walk about within a few hours of being born, when it takes us months to even be able to hold our heads up. We arrive with very few innate skills and have to learn everything. We learn to walk by trying and falling over and trying again. We need to remember that it’s ok to try and fall and try again.

I heard the words on my ketchup bottle in a video I watched on this subject when I attended the congregation of inspiration. I hope you’ll remember them the next time you get annoyed at yourself when things don’t work out right first time.

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