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I am 1000% a details person. Whether that’s in trying to sew things as small ( but neat) as my eyesight will allow, in my eternal quest for the smoothest, most unwrinkled backing fabric that your eye ever did see (which is no mean feat with heavily worked embroidery, but let me tell you wrinkled fabric is my visual equivalent of nails on a chalkboard) or in adding little unexpected touches – In short, I am ever the Amélie Poulain; looking for things that no one else catches.… Read More

Small and mighty

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When @samburgessuk got in touch and asked if I’d be interested in appearing on her Small and podcast, my exact words were I’m honoured, but I don’t think I’d be very interesting to listen to (I told you I needed to work on the imposter syndrome thing)
Well hopefully I AM interesting to listen to, because you can listen to the episode where we had a chat about me, my business and Instagram today!
Which is fortunate as I was quite stumped as to what to write for today’s prompt for #marchmeetthemaker, which is about collaboration.
Happy listening! Emma xxx
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Goals and motivation

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A little while ago I posted and picture of the care instructions label I had made. I talked a little about what had inspired it, but I didn’t really talk about why I’d made it.
In thinking about my goals and motivation … my mission for what I do… I started to see all of my work as little care instructions. Small reminders stitched from and in to the cloth of my work. My goal is to make my thread count ? and keep creating care instructions .
And just because I don’t think I could get a lot more motivation in one picture, here’s the original embroidery of my makers manifesto banner.
#marchmeetthemaker Day 14: motivation/goals
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