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Photo taken at: Stroud, Gloucestershire

Although there are lots of theories about how they manage it, the way pigeons are able to navigate is a bit of a mystery.

Of course it’s quite unlikely that pigeons themselves dedicate too much time wondering whether they’re able to find their way home due to the earths’ magnetic field, the suns’ arc, or due to infra-sounds. They trust their instincts, keep going* and end up where they’re meant to be. Which seems like a pretty good philosophy to me.
I have to admit, I hadn’t anticipated I would be able to put a motivational spin on pigeons, I just really wanted to show you this one I made before Christmas!

Happy Friday ? xx *As an aside, I read that one breed of pigeon called the Birmingham roller is known for doing backwards somersaults while flying. Scientists can’t explain that either, and have come to the conclusion that they probably do it for the simple reason that it’s fun… I told you, they’ve got it sussed!

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