Work in progress: Bristol, buildings and balloons

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I have been so lucky this year to have hit the ground running after Christmas, and had non-stop commissions.  This is never something to complain about (thank you lovely customers!) but it did mean that my pile of sketches and ideas of things to make was ever-growing, so I decided to take a couple of weeks off, and create some me-makes.

I am taking part in the Westbury Park arts fair in Bristol on the 1st July, so also need to start make a start on some work to exhibit, so I decided to add to my Clifton Suspension Bridge picture and create a series of bristol works.  There are so many iconic views and buildings here, that I am spoilt for choice. Perhaps it’s a bit obvious, but the beautiful multicoloured buildings of Clifton and Hotwells were just begging to be stitched, and being in Bristol, there just had to be a few hot air balloons in there too

At nearly 1m, this is perhaps one of the longest pictures I have made! I always enjoy stitching small details, and I particularly liked making the windows in this picture – which is lucky as there were quite a few of them!

I will be making these pictures into prints and printed textile items, which will soon be available in my shop – in the mean time, please get in touch if you’re interested!

Work in progress; my inspiration wall, with pictures in progress



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  1. Anna

    These are absolutely stunning. The detail is incredible!

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