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The school holidays are almost upon us. If you’re a working parent it can be a particularly tricky time, especially when you are trying to run a small business. You’re pulled in so many directions – having worked so hard throughout the year you have to slow down or stop for at least six weeks … or try to keep things running and feel increasingly frazzled. Each summer my over-riding feeling is that of guilt; guilt that I’m not doing enough fun things, guilt that I’m having to think of ways to snatch an hour or two here and there rather than enjoy the time I have with my kids, guilt that there is too much time being spent looking at screens, guilt that I’m not doing anything well enough.

We’ve probably all seen *that* reminder doing the rounds too, you only have 18 summers … just to compound that guilt a little further. And of course it’s true, we must enjoy time with our children while they are small. But I also think that showing children that money comes from somewhere is a pretty important life lesson. It probably won’t kill my kids to have some screen time while I sew (who am I kidding, they will love it) and actually they usually love ‘helping’ too. It also won’t be the end of the world If I don’t post quite so often. The only thing that is unwise is beating myself up for not being able to do everything. Nobody can do everything. So I’m approaching this week, and this holiday, trying to keep this at the front of my mind. And I hope that if any of this sounds familiar, then that’s what you’ll try to do too.

Have a lovely week. Emma xx

Quote by David Allen.
Stitched by Emma Giacalone.
Written by Amélie Giacalone (see, I’m setting her to work already)

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