Remember to breathe

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While I was working in the MakeSpace at Bristol Museum last week, I was struck by quite how many people commented on how slowly I stitch – almost everyone who stopped to watch in fact. As I’m self taught and it’s just me in my workshop, I’ve never had a bench mark or given any thought to the matter. Being described as slow is not something that we generally aspire to is it? In school, in sport, in anything – who wants to be slow?! Yet the more people said it, the more I realised that it wasn’t being said in a bad way. A lady sat and watched me work for ages and remarked ‘how wonderfully mindful’ and just like that, slow didn’t seem all that bad.

There are so many benefits to simply slowing down … most crucially remembering to breathe. Sounds like a pretty obvious – not to mention innate -thing to do, and yet how often do we find ourselves feeling frazzled, with our shoulders near our ears, barely breathing at all? The benefits of breathing deeply to our psychological and physiological well being are overwhelming. It may seem a little unnecessary to remind ourselves to breathe, but I’ll bet you notice a difference when you do.

Have a lovely week (full of deep breaths!) Emma xx

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