Just keep swimming

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Have you ever had to swim against the tide, or even worse, found yourself caught in a slip stream? There’s something quite terrifying – especially for a rubbish swimmer like me – about swimming as hard as you can and not getting anywhere (to be fair I can manage that with no tide at all!) I love the sentiment of the expression ‘just keep swimming’, but as you know I don’t like the word just (in hindsight, it was perhaps an odd #threewordthursday phrase to have picked for that very reason!!) ‘Just’ makes things sound easy and effortless. Sometimes to keep going, to keep swimming, is the hardest thing of all – especially when you are putting in a lot of hard work with seemingly not very much output.

Which is why, when I sat down to make this weeks picture, I decided that I wasn’t going to make a fish to ‘just’keep swimming (sorry Dory), or a duck or even a swan. My swimmer had to be a glorious synchronised swimmer, seemingly working effortlessly all the while doing so with huge strength, control and poise. Remember that next time you feel like you’re staying still, because I’ll bet you’re not xx

#ThreeWordThursday is a weekly hashtag challenge. Each week a different three word phrase can be presented or discussed in any way that inspires you. Be sure to use the hashtag so that I can find you and please feel free to share it with anyone who might like to join in! The prompt for next week is; create your future.

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