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Do you love the creative process. Or do you hate it? I think it’s pretty normal to feel both ways; a relationship of highs and lows (and highs again). For it is quite inevitable that it will not all be smooth sailing. At some point along the way we will start to doubt ourselves, hit a stumbling block, think it’s all bit shit, we will find ourselves wanting to give it up and move on to something else.

I often find myself in this loop and wishing that it wouldn’t happen. But as nice as it would be to bypass this part of the process, when we understand that it is perfectly normal, and coming out the other side can in fact mean that eureka moment when a good idea turns in to a great one, then we can start to … perhaps not quite enjoy it, but at least resign ourselves that it’s something that will probably happen. Once we accept it for what it is, it never feels quite so bad.

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