Catching ideas

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How do you catch an idea?

I’ve been busy working on lots of projects in the background this week nothing secret or exciting, quite the opposite in fact, just things I’ve needed to get my head down and get on with.

The procrastinator and the creative mind inside me are very good friends. I often find that when one comes out to play, so does the other.

Usually when inspiration strikes, and that new idea excitement kicks in, I feel like I have to down tools and make whatever I’ve thought of immediately. It’s a really great feeling when that happens, but it’s not so great for the to do list (I don’t always do that by the way… actually, who am I trying to kid, I always do that?) but this week I caught the idea, I noted it down and contained the excitement. I finished what I was meant to be doing and working on it was the carrot encouraging me to finish. I’m not sure I’m going to fully commit to this change (because actually, I don’t think there’s anything quite like that lightbulb moment feeling) but I’ve also proven to myself that it didn’t go away either.

What do you do to keep hold of new ideas? I’d love to know

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