Believe in yourself

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Believe in yourself (be you)

We all know the importance of self belief. The power of positivity. And yet it can be so easy to let negative self talk creep in. It’s a tough cycle to break; we really are our own worst critics.

I find that working alone, it’s really easy for this to happen. I’m not sure if you have to be extremely resilient or extremely thick skinned to have completely unwavering belief in what you do, but either way, I’m not naturally wired like that! And while generally, I don’t think a bit of self questioning is a bad thing necessarily, it’s all about keeping those thought processes helpful and rational. Because it’s so easy for ideas – bad or good- to build momentum and snowball. Before we know it, a tiny seed of doubt that is planted in our minds can become quite ingrained in our thought processes. And when we tell ourselves something over and over again, almost without us noticing, it becomes a habit

Steering ourselves away from this cycle therefore has to be a conscious decision. A process; to Catch ourselves in the act and recognise negative thoughts are creeping (or have crept)in- to Challenge what it is that we’re telling ourselves, and to Change what it is that we tell ourselves … sounds simple doesn’t it?! But next time you find those familiar feelings of doubt creeping in, why not give it a try

PS, this is another three word quote for my challenge. I wasn’t very happy with how the lettering worked out, but I felt that wasn’t very fitting given the subject of the post, so I’ve gone with it anyway ??

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