Always be yourself

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In school, there is always that cool kid .. the person everyone wants to be like, to be noticed by. The person who we measure our own status by depending on how far around their periphery we float. Some children are kind and charismatic and this naturally attracts other children. Others wish to be the top dog develop cliques and attain status by excluding or being unkind to others. Some children desperately want to be included, others just want to do their own thing and are happy If they find someone else who likes doing that too. .
We tend to see that experience as something that happens during childhood, that somewhere on our journey to adulthood, we develop a sense of self and no longer crave approval or feel the need to modify our sense of self to fit in. But actually that pressure to fit in and want to be like everyone else can rear its head at any time and at any transition point where we have to find our place with a new group of people. There always seems to be that person or group of people that people seek out. In the workplace, in clubs, on the playground the second time around. It can be easy to feel as if we need to seek the approval of others and behave a certain way to fit in. But this will not make you happy. Dead fish follow the tide. When you are being yourself it is easier to see what you want in life and what is truly important to you. You will be much happier. And funnily enough, without trying much, your people will naturally come to you. When they do, it will because they see you and they like what they see. Which is a bit of a win-win really. Always be yourself. . I would like to thank @rosiejohnsonillustrates for her illustration for this weeks #Threewordthursday post – if you don’t know Rosie’s account then go and have a look, and you’ll quickly see why she was the perfect person for this weeks prompt ?
. #ThreeWordThursday is a weekly hashtag challenge. Each week a different three word phrase can be presented or discussed in any way that inspires you. Be sure to use the hashtag so that I can find you and please feel free to share it with anyone who might like to join in! The prompt for next week is; never give up

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