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Small supporters personalised family picture

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Crowds of small supporters are lining up to wave their banners and star in your own personalised small supporter embroidered family picture.

Your small supporters will wave banners personalised with your names, as well as either a mini pennant flag or banner embroidered with your family name.

This size of frame allows for a maximum of six average length names. If you would like more, please do get in touch as we can gather larger crowds of small supporters, who will be more than happy to cheer for you all.

Please select from the drop down your choice of either a mini pennant flag or banner for the family name. Please also let us know the names you would like embroidered into the micro banners, as well as the family name for the main pennant or banner by adding a note to your order at the checkout page.


Small supporters are chosen at random from a large population of eager volunteers, ready to cheer on your family members by waving their micro banners. Each supporter measure between 20 and 33mm in height, wearing their own choice of colourful outfit.

The micro banners are meticulously crafted using 100% cotton darkest navy thread, free motion embroidered into white cotton fabric.

The main flag or banner are individually created using 100% cotton white thread embroidered into a colourful wool felt backing.


Your small supporters will be framed in a white box frame, measuring 27cm x 22cm x 2cm.

Family name banner

Mini pennant flag, Banner


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