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Care label

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Each time we buy an item of clothing, inside is stitched a little label, telling us how to care for it and keep it at it’s very best. We might decide to ignore the label, and chuck the dry clean only things with everything else and hope for the best, or we might follow those instructions to the letter. Either way, they’re always there. My mission is to create care instructions for people; to help us look after ourselves a little bit better, to spread joy and serve as a daily reminder to help make life a little happier.

These labels started life as a request from my daughter for a little message that only she knew was there, but that she could have a little look at or just touch if she needed it.

Each tag is created by me in my studio, with a little bit of love sewn in to each one, for people of any age to stitch inside their clothes for those days when you just need a bit of a boost.

Each label, measuring 5cm, is made from 100% cotton thread, on a cotton tape, which means that it can go through the wash and still look just as lovely. They are supplied inside a small tin, with its own needle and spool of thread, along with some little words of encouragement from me, meaning they make a perfect gift – to yourself or a loved one


Believe in yourself, I am always here for you, You matter, I believe in you, You’ve got this, keep going, you can do this, you are not alone, be kind to yourself


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