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From Instagram…

Day 4 of #positivelyinspiring15 is inspiration – here’s how I find mine.

A funny story (although perhaps only because the ending wasn’t too disaterous) when I was working at the make space in Bristol museum in July, I thought it would be nice to take some unframed pieces so that people could have a good look and see the back of pieces, which often seems to be quite interesting … anyway, a lady walked in to the room and plonked her red handbag and water bottle right on top of the original of this picture 😱😱…she clearly didn’t find it very inspiring 🤣

If you find it more inspiring than the bag lady (as we’ll now call her … serves her right for being rude 😂) , cards are available on my website, etsy shop and from @hollyandcoworkshop and A4 prints are also available in my shop .

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